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DL Compact RCBO - CRB Series

This is a genuine 1-module / 2-pole RCBO, the physical size of an MCB and has a 6KA rating. It is certified to IEC61009-1 and is CE Approved. It has been on the market for over 5 years. In the same way that an RCD in a 17th Edition board operates, the Compact requires no neutral or earth flying leads, and its small physical size gives it maximum room in an Enclosure. 

SBS Busbars - Live and Neutral for Compacts

These special busbars, for which we have the Registered Design Rights, are only available from us. This busbar arrangement eliminates the use of LIVE and NEUTRAL link wires, preventing shorts to earth, leading to possible shock, fire and nuisance trip.

LiVE & SBS Electrical AMD3 Metal Enclosures

Possibly the widest range of size on the market, with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22 & 24 modules. We can fit them with Stand-Off Frames and back knockouts for easy wiring from the back. We also sell the LiVE range of Standard  RCBOs, for single pole applications. They are a well-proven design, having been sold by top UK Companies over many years and have a 10KA rating. When fitted inside the LiVE boxes, the Assembly is certfied to BSEN61439-3.

Certification To BSEN61439-3 When Used With Compacts

The range of COMPACT RCBOs we sell are stand-alone products, designed to fit on the DIN rail of many enclosures, in the same way many other devices can be added, such as contactors, timers, meters, automation modules and terminal blocks, etc. This Mix & Match of various devices from various manufacturers is often necessary and/or desirable with more complex Domestic Installations, so clearly the Assembly would not be certified to BSEN61439-3, in the way that an off-the-shelf Consumer Unit would be. 

Bespoke Assembly Design Service

Although we do supply all our goods as single line items, as shown on our Invoice, if you want us to, we can assemble them to your own specification, so they arrive as a Distribution Board, ready to fit on the wall. This is a FOC service, which saves you time and effort on site. However, where the resulting board, as designed by you, is not certifed to BSEN61439-3, it would probably comply with BSEN61439-3, as required by BS7671:2008: AMD3, 421.1.201 and/or 133.1.3, thereby satisfying the Regulations.


This means  that  when  you  order  a  Consumer Unit  from us, Featuring our CRB-Series   Compact  RCBOs in an ENC-xxLMC Series  metal box, the      assembly will be certified to EN61439-3


This satisfies BS7671:2008 AMD3 at both 421.1.201 and 133.1.1.


When LiVE devices are fitted into LiVE metal boxes, they will also comply with BS7671, by virtue of their own EN61439-3 certification.


See Bespoke Assembly Design Service for  other Consumer Unit assemblies.


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